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Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday, May 5th, 2012 = big fun!

I'm starting today's post with a really f.ed up video I saw yesterday.

My first reaction was fear for the baby and excitement at seeing a cute lion so excited... but upon further consideration I've decided this vid isn't funny or cute. That poor pussy is obviously starving and it  is animal cruelty to have delish food dangled right in front of it (that baby looks like it's mostly fat.. perhaps our equivalent of a chocolate truffle.. I dunno that was the first thing that came to mind ....YUM! I want chocolate). The poor kitty should get extra pity points since everyone seems to be laughing at a grown lion mistaking a baby lard ball for a delicious treat especially considering the lions current circumstances: being stuck in a shitty zoo.  I know I'd be pissed if that lion were me.. it's like watching the food network when you're starving.. worse, actually. Also, who leaves a baby on the floor at the zoo? I'd like to see what the ppl on the other side of this video cam look like. Last thing: how tf is that baby so clueless?.. I mean I know its an infant and i'm not really up on human behavior for any child under the age of like.. 5? but DAMN.. helluh?!? Baby! There is a big ass carnivore like basically on you that is trying to make you into meow mix. Whatever.. onto more music. enjoy y'all!!

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