Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lunchtime Poll

If you look directly to your right you will see a little box with a question in it:

I'm just curious like a cat where ppl who are reading this blog are from. As you may know.. this was originally just for fun for my poor musically-depraved best friend Erica (pictured here w/ yours truely during a lively, melo-dramatic, dangerous, life changing and heroic adventure in the Virgin Islands during the days of yore)
But now it seems ppl are actually coming to this blog a lot-ish. And i'm super curious like a cat who you are! So if I couldn't trouble you for a few moments of your time it would be much appreciated. all you have to do is type where your from and hit send.. or collect.. or whatever. it is super simple.

Also, I love heathers. So fuck me gently with a chainsaw. Perhaps there will be more lunchtime polls to come. If anyone actually fills it out.

And I wont leave you wo music! xoxo

The Hood Internet - The Mixtape Volume Six

p.s. Please do the survey!!!!
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