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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History

eliz's list of the top 10 bad asses chickies: 

(or some of the most mentionable ones)

1: Eve- The first of the woman to stir up some major trouble. .. So God told Eve and her bf Adam not to eat from a certain tree... but Eve (who being a woman, was obviously incapable of following instructions....) was convinced the fruit was a rare delicacy by an evil snake.  She ate the forbidden apple from the tree of knowledge in the garden of Eden and got herself and her bf banished to live in a world where they have to deal with both the concept of good and evil.  Apparently the snake targeted eve bc woman are weaker.. and more susceptible to temptations. regardless Eve fucked humanity over in many ppl's eyeseyes but she was the first person to create the concept of sin. YOU GO. She was forever curious why God was so mean all because of a stupid fruit.

2: Cleopatra- Ruled Egypt from 60 - 30 BC which, at the time, was Rome's main grain supply and therefore basically Rome's life force. Her real gift seemed to be manipulating and ruling the hearts of men.. ahem... After having Caesars baby she seduced Marc Antony (one of Caesars best buds)  to stay in Egypt with her to Egypt's political advantage and prevented (through who knows that means.. probably lots of sex and opium) his return to Rome, and ended his Roman devotion when he started calling himself a Egyptian God.. She and Antony were known for their sexy parties. FUN. She also liked snakes.. and fittingly she killed herself w/ an asp when shit got too ugly.. BAD ASS.

3: Bonnie Parker (of Bonnie and Clyde) - outlaw bandit. killed cops and bankers and other ppl and stole tons of money w. the love of her life and got away with it for a long while. cool. got it. Plus Take the Money and Run is one of my fave Steve Miller Band Songs

4: Mae West- 1930s sex symbol: The actress and playwright was prosecuted on moral charges for a play she wrote, titled Sex.West was then sentenced to 10 days in jail for
 "corrupting the morals of youth." FUN! People love her bc she was famous for being herself- totally horny. Plus she gave us famous quotes like "When I'm good I'm very, very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better.", "Too much of a good thing can be wonderful." and " Save a boyfriend for a rainy day--and another, in case it doesn't." Brilliant.

5. Zelda Fitzgerald- crazy ass Southern Belle debutante with a million suitors who made Scott Fitzgerald chase her for years and years telling him he wasn't good enough for her.... then drank herself stupid w Scott when they finally got hitched during the roaring 20's after his literary success and only at the most fabulous soirees. Tragically she teetered on the brink of insanity for the majority of her life and  ended up a schitzo in a mental institute. Apparently the Fitzgerald parties were to die for.. maybe literally.

6. *Edie*- the very first IT girl. famous for being famous and my personal fave. Left her WASPY upbringing to move to NYC, hang out in the Silver Factory in the LES when it was a total shithole and become a muse to everyone.  Started lots of fires bc she would pass out w a ciggie in her hand a lot. First to start the unisex craze of the 60s and was Betsy Johnson's first model.  Died tragically young bc she was a gigantic drug addict. (at 28!)

7. GIA- bad ass model who changed everything during a time when most models were blonde and California Type-ish.  (altho there s nothing wrong w/ blondes!!) first lezzie supermodel who loved Studio 54 and loved drugs even more + first famous girl who died of AIDS. (at 28!)  Inject able drugs are bad.  Ironically, Before Gia died, she wanted to make a video tape to tell young people, especially girls, that they don't have to do drugs to solve their problems.  Sadly, Gia that never happened. Read Thing Of Beauty by Stephen Freid. 

8. Elizabeth Taylor- man eater, eight hubbies lived to be a relic and never underestimated the power of diamonds. Honestly shes not my fave but she was a man stealer, kept her eyes on the prize and didn't deal with any bullshit.

9. Sylvia Plath- another crazy brilliant ho. famously said,“Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” She was the first poet to win the prestigious Pulitzer Prize posthumously. Killed herself by sticking her head in an oven. The world is Harsh.  i hear that!

10. Estella Havisham- Super hot. Her main goal in life was to torture poor Pip for fun in.... Great Expectations and did a damn good job of it. She was raised to break men's hearts and that i guess is kinda a sad life for her. but def qualifies as bad ass. Her life in the end was pretty self destructive.. i guess. She married some dickhead. Oh well fishsticks Paltrow played her in the movie and that put a bad taste in my mouth.

Then there are just our favorite train wrecks:

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