Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'M BAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HA. and you thought i was gone for good. How could I ever gve up my life's Internet masterpiece that i have toiled over for so many long painful hours to create the perfect blog for all mankind???

OK- So I was gone for a while. Je suis désolé mais j'ai retourné. hahaha. ANYWAY. I hope no one cried too hard. HA since so many ppl read this anyway

BTW thanks to the THREE ppl who filled out my survey. You guys rock and I wish i could send you a special prize for being so awesome. And now I know you live in Russia. (and yes, Erica.. it has now been reaffirmed that you live and breathe the cleve) merci to all that participated (the 3rd person was me testing the quiz.. so really only 2 ppl filled it out). TO THE POINT: this redic cyber metal is a small token of my appreciation. May you wear it w pride. hahahahahahahah. yea thats right. I found a website that would personalize a metal. Now  need to think of another question for the lunchtime poll.

sooooo... I don't know what i feel about this most recent mix I made. it is 100% all over the place and there isn't much theme.. well there is really no theme. But I mean, I guess that's how my life is right now. It is what it is. I really wanted to listen to The Flying Lizards, "money" so.. that was the theme. Then  tried for some happy party music which was hard since  haven't been super happy or partying in god knows how long. Lady Gaga smoking money makes me smile tho.

And if the mix doesn't do it for you: this is one of my most favorite clips of all time from the British show Skins: In case you are unfortunate enough never to have seen this show: this scene is where Panda comes to visit her best friend Effy in the crazy house bc Effy just tried off herself via the wrists. I hope it makes you smile as much as it makes me smile every time i watch it.

I think that's all.. don't forget to write a comment. or at least contemplate writing one. xoxoxo.
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