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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Edie Sedwick and another Video Masterpiece

Here is the video I made when I was bored again about my favorite *Edie Sedgwick*

You might know her 1) because you are awesome or 2) because there was a horrid movie w/ Sienna Miller made about her.. but it was totally not factual and sucked. so anyway, for those who don't know about he shes super awesome and I would suggest learning about her now.

This is your lame cliffs notes version which will hopefully enlighten you a little:

Edie Sedgwick, is famous for being the first real socialite and began a completely new fashion craze that is often credited to Twiggy. She was also Betsey Johnson's first model. She was famous for wearing leggings, a shirt and nothing else but her giant chandelier earrings and fake eyelashes.
She was born into a wealthy highborn lifestyle which she hated and took her inheritance to move to the city and spend spend spend (her first apt has a huge stuffed rhino she bought form Abercrombie which she is famously dancing on in Time).. one of the fifty million reasons I love her. Once out and about in NYC quickly became Warhol's muse and is officially the first person who was considered a "superstar" (Warhol actually made up the name. Warhol totally dissed her tho when she became involved w/ Bob Dylan's producer and gave thought to leaving the factory and do actual movies... He and later gave Nico the superstar crown and was a total dick to Edie.. the who never really spoke again.. I have issues w/ Warhol. Bob Dyan's song: pill box hat is supposedly abt her. Along w/ a million Velvet Underground songs

She was also on the way to have a model career but Diana Vreeland (sp?) wasn't into the fact that she partied her ass off and embodied the underground seedy heroin/drug scene. After spending her inheritance like a pro she was broke, and a total drug addict but still fabulous. She was mostly a speed freak and would go to the famous Dr. Roberts to get her "vitamins" which were actually shots of amphetamine. nice. The Beatles also frequented that doc and wrote a song about it. Shed died in at 28.. or 29 I think. Everything about her is fucking super awesome and interesting and I love her.

This isn't the original vidie I made but it inspired me a long time ago before I even knew who she was.. anyway, its kinda spooky. i love it.

I'll post my vid up when i get around to it.. I made the soundtrack to Robyn's dancing on my own.. which makes me officially a gay man.. esp bc its the Fredde Falke remix. I think that's all for tonight. xoxoxoxoxox. 

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