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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I always wanted to be in a music video....

Kinda lame I know, and soon my dreams were dashed to the rocks when I realized I can't really dance unless intoxicated. and not really then...

But I got bored today and so instead I made a little tribute vid starring my favorite ever. I put it on you tube bc i didn't know how else to upload it. I guess i'm not too tech savvy. Should have held onto that IT guy i was dating.. wait.. no i never dated an IT guy from work.... hahahaha

I don't know how I feel about the vid. I hope it embodies HRH. :) But don't worry. I wont quit my day job. esp since most of these are from a Dior shoot. sans the strip tease for the white snakes video. YUM. so here is my latest piece of art. 

lemme know if you like it.

From 2012-11-29


and if that idiot vidie doesn't work just go here. I promise itll be worth it. i'm v proud of it. :)
and ps. fuck you picasa. you suck!
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