Wednesday, November 7, 2012

YAY OBAMA!! ...phew....

OBAMA!!!! YESSSSS. Yay, I'm an American. 

So here is a long, long, long awaited new mix. But let me not get your hopes up too much. I haven't been really inspired lately and haven't been looking for much new music.

Plus, unfortunately for you I have spent the past few weeks at my mother's house n New Hampshire which means a lot of Top 40. And you know what Top 40 can do to you. Against your best judgement, the more you hear those damn catchy melodies the more you think "maybe this isn't so bad.. at least I can sing along." Well this happened to me and one of my cousins mcu to my dismay. You will probably be able to figure out which one it is. *DON'T JUDGE ME* Okay, judge me. It is a lot of house too. Maybe that makes up for the teeny bopper music. A little.

I was really into the new Christina song and although i'm pretty sick of it now, i figured it was one of my few inspirations for like a day when it come out. Although, as Michael K said, she looks like a My Little Pony crack head in the video.

Lastly, Swedish House Mafia is breaking up as you may know. :( But I am in love w/ the vid of thier last single: Makes you fall in love.


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