Sunday, December 23, 2012



Dear Santa, 
I feel strongly that due to my attempted impeccable behavior this year, as well as numerous hardships...  I deserve all these beautiful objects of my desire.. especially because the one boy I really desire aint coming around anytime soon......

  As you know, ever since my father bought me the JPG original scent i've been obsessed w the scent.. and the bottle specifically. Plus, I think it is time to try something a little bit more womanly than Marc Jacobs Daisy and Lola scents which have cute packaging but remind me too much of evil ex boyfriends

You may or may not know that my black boot situation is in rather dire straights.  I feeel these boots would give me the heel I need while still being good for the cold weather. Plus they are from top shop so I'm thinking about the piggy bank! Another life lesson i am going to be working on over the next year!!

Ever since I was an idiot and left my last pair of leather gloves in the manicure place on 6th where they were of course never retrieved.. I have been leather glove less. I therefore feel these are quite necessary. The color is also an ode to the new and improved me who takes chances on color choices.  

So here is my risque item on my wish list this year. This pair of Rag + Bone will def give out the perfect message that I am ready to bring some more unconventional pieces into my new year's wardrobe. Plus 've always wanted faded jeans like this. I really need to take some serious risks this year and I think these jeans are the perfect place to start. Colors are assorted although I prefer this color combo.. see what your elves can find. 

Okay, I can't lie- I wouldn't die without this burberry hat but I know my new year would be so much more fun and cutte with it. Plus, it would put the biggest smile on my face, which is your job, right? Just get one of your girl elves to take one look at it and see f they don't fall in love immediately!!!!

 So i'm sure since you never forget anything, you remember when I had to suffer living in that model Harem in Tribeca? Well those models totally stole my last nice black leather jacket and my current Burgundy one is on its last legs.. This jacket would be perfect and does w like all outfits. It is available at Intermix. 

Underwear is always needed and appreciated.  I picked the following set because it is both comfortable and supportive. There are various colors at the store... I'm not too picky. Just make sure it is Calvin Klein. A girl needs to be picky about her underwear! She basically lives in them! Ask Mrs. Claus!!

and lastly... You probably also know I lost one of my favorite earrings of all time earlier this year.. so If you could find it in your heart to replace them I promise I'll be even better next year than I was this year!!! 

I think i've left you enough milk and cookies in my life...

Merry Christmas,

Love Elizabeth

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