Monday, December 3, 2012



this is gonna be a little deep for me. 

so anyway, my favorite author is BRET EASTON ELLIS. I love him almost as much as Edie and Kate. You prob know him bc he wrote American Psycho. 

Anyway, Still dealing w/ my shitty breakup I thought i'd read one of my faves by him that I haven't read in a while: RULES OF ATTRACTION. 

Ugh, in fact one of the main characters, Sean, reminded me of a lot of the assholes i fucked in college. (ugh.. memories that do not need to exist) So in the book they keep mentioning this book "notes from the underground" and laugh at townies that don't get it etc. Well.. obvi I didn't want to be one of those IDIOTS they refer to in the book who doesn't know what this is abt.. so I wikipedia-ed it. (obv the most reliable source of info)

So its by this famous russian dude named Dostoyevsky (who I should know more about. but give me a break Russian literature is so heavy!) according to wiki: It consists of an introduction, three main sections and a conclusion. (i) The short introduction propounds a number of riddles whose meanings will be further developed. (1) Chapters two, three and four deal with suffering and the enjoyment of suffering; (2) chapters five and six with intellectual and moral vacillation and with conscious "inertia"-inaction; (3) chapters seven through nine with theories of reason and logic; (c) the last two chapters are a summary and a transition into Part 2.
"The book deal with "Rebellion in the face of the dysfunction and disorder of adult experience that one inherits when reaching adulthood under the understanding of tradition and society." Notes from Underground marks the starting point of Dostoyevsky'snovels based on existential and general human experience in crisis. "

(clearly this is not going to be my next read.. but interesting nonetheless.. )

DUDE. Bret Easton Ellis is a total genius bc thats totally what the book is abt. Rich kids, bored in college, fucking each other, doing drugs, and always falling for someone completely unattainable.  Ppl are killing themselves over guys and girls like left and right including a really nasty part where this girl describes killing herself by slitting her wrists in the bathrub bc Sean isn't into her.. I so had a sean.. who was actually named sean... luckily i wasn't stupid enough to kill myself over him. Now hes fat and married. So nice job on my part avoiding that. haha

There are drugs everywhere, girls on girls, girls on guys, guys on guys, parties called "dress to get screwed, etc. and like you feel lke no one is ever happy. everyone is falling for someone wrong but no one really cares. Everyone is so jaded. . Anyway, I don't know how else to describe how good this book is.. and nothing REALLY happens except the above (partying and love sickness). I was reading aloud to this dude the other day (don't ask) and he called it a melodrama . Ugh no one knows good writing when they hear it.. maybe it was my reading aloud skills which i really never mastered in what... 3rd grade? 


So I was super proud of myself for getting the Dostoyevsky reference.. thank you very much. and here is a mix of rad eighties songs they constantly refer to in the book. Bret Easton Ellis is fucking awesome at pop culture references EVERYWHERE which I love. and the book WAS written in 1987. 

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