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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Time to Clean Out Your Cell Phones Girlies!!!

So, I remember back in high school one night I was sitting in a park drinking a 40 (yes) talking to this dude about some girl who was hitting him up and either wanted to be friends or be more than friends to which he promptly replied, " no, i can't be friends w/ her... I've reached my friend capacity.. I don't want anymore"  I don't know why I didn't have some sort of epiphany right then... but I def had one over the past few days. I cannot keep bringing in unneeded friends into my life for no fucking reason.

And we're all guilty of it. Keeping around sub par friends just because we have been friends with them forever, or you bonded over some stupid shit 5 years ago, or you are occasionally bored and have nothing better to do than hang out with someone who brings nothing to the table besides the same old shit shes/he is always bringing to the table... bullshit casserole.. or worse yet, there are those friends who actually are a pain to hang out with but yet you still do it out of guilt for whatever fucked up reason that's going on.. thats your biz.

Well my new years resolution (among about 50 other things) is to stop this evil cycle and rid my life of obligatory friendships that are destined to spiral into a lifetime of blahness. 

Okay enough of being a  holiday Grinch. Let's get some Christmas music up in this bitch. I couldn't find a clip of the Marylin version so if figured Kylie was second best.

AND, Here are the results of the lunchtime poll: and for those who filled it out i love you you are the best there is no one better than you i want to be your non obligatory best friend. :)

okay. also- there was a total dumbass typo i mean which DECADE would you want to live in.. not century. good job eliz. Hey, I'm not a fucking editor. 

okay. so 
  • 28% of you said you want to live in the prohibition
  • 14% of you said you'd want to live among the rich and famous of the 1890;s
  • 42% of you said you wanted to be flower children in the 60's 
  • 57% said they wanted to live at studio 54 with a coke spoon up their nose and 
  • 42% wanted to be living on the streets trying to score heroin in the 90's or rocking out in your garage hoping to be the next big thing.  (boo)

SOOOOOOOOOO. 70's looks like it wins. YAY. this era would be super fun. 

and if you aren't in NYC to enjoy the discos you could always be in high school hanging out w. the likes of Randall pink Floyd, Slater and Simone in dazed and confused hazing freshman and having a partying in the woods with Matthew McConnaughys's sketchy ass. bravo. good choice. yay I'm loving my audience. I'll think of a new lunchtime poll asap. 

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