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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

FIRST 2013 POST ON: Why So Much Crazy Relationship Shiz Seems to be Going Down in 2013.

OKAY, so I'm not disclosing any details but two of my close friends are having totally unnecessary relationship drama/heartbreak. I mean, both of those things are always unnecessary to the completely loving and respectable, deserving friends I try to keep around.. who always take the moral high ground and NEVER deserve anything but the best. (hehehehehe).. but seriously.

 I mean there have only been 8 days in 2013 and already shit is hitting the metaphorical 80's window fan my dad put in every room during the summer bc he thought AC was too expensive... RAD - (anecdote.. one my friend threw her peanut butter and jelly sandwich into the window fan one summer to see what it happen.. it shredded into a million pieces and came spitting out into out unsuspecting faces. FOUL)

Anyway, Since i'm already pretty heartbroken I guess i got mine early.. but the horrid aftermath of this dismal break up is leaving me w/ minimal sex drive. so I'm being affected by this, "Early January 2013 Love curse." as well.. DUH DUH DUHHHHH.  cue: music. HAHAHAH

Voodoo Lady - Ween by tracks_arte

No wait..., I can't say curse or i'll end up actually freaking myself out for no need.. thinking some crazy southern voodoo shit could actual help my case.

Ugh, life is so confusing sometimes.. I mean, some of those southern voodoo stories must be real. gOD, IMAGINE... there is nothing scarier than old black women w/ dreads and necklaces made of bones, who speak in a different language, prob come out of the bushes to attack your blonde ass and can fuck you over w/ a curse by cutting off the head of a rooster. and wave some magical stick over your head.....or something like that.

 basically bc i deserve it bc said voodoo lady has been oppressed since the days of her birth.... I saw this movie once that scared the shit out of me. 
Here is a little flow chart I found that could potentially stop.. anymore angelical girls to get their heart broken. 

SO, LUST, TRUE LOVE OR BEST FRIENDS?.. I guess we all need to figure out that shit before the potentially evil males do. Those choices seem kinda boring.. of course there is INDIGESTION or UNHEALTHY OBSESSION. hahaha.

Anyway, good luck!! everyone. Let me know if any of your friends/you are having similar negative experiences re: love in 2013.

And PS fill out the daily lunch poll!!!! There are only 3 days left and a measly three ppl hvae responded. le tear. 


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