Wednesday, January 30, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Jan 2013 is cursed


there is no doubt in my mind that January is cursed. an unbearable amount of shitty things have happened to all me and all of my friends.. so much bullnany I don't even want to list it all in case I actually remember even half of it and am scarred for life.

A few of them involve loss of electricity, eviction, break ups, break downs, identity crisis, loss of friends, loss of boyfriends, loss of fuck buddies, loss of dignity, heartbreak, legit illness and a TOTAL abnormal number of deaths.. no specifics OF COURSE but just to give you an idea what were dealing with here. This month better not run into the next month.. and then the season.. and then the entire year.. I'm sure I'll be dead by August.. which might be a blessing since Aug is my birthday.

So trying to be a bit optimistic... Last night I got to hang out w/ a fashionable gay man wearing Louboutin's and one of my favorite party girls so between the two of them I was able to escape the rest of the drama filled shit show that was supposed to be my "farewell dinner." Yes, moving out of NYC for a temporary hiatus can be added to the list of horrors that is occurring in January 2013. I need a new fucking wardrobe ASAP not to mention some jewelery that wasn't gifted to me by a cheating asshole or I might kill myself. At least I'm skinny as a rail w/ all this stress and drama running thru my blood daily.

I swear the only thing keeping me alive once again is house music. Sorry for those of you that are haters but dancing in a club is the only thing that is getting my mind off the daily pile of animal feces my life is slowly becoming. Honestly for a while there my life was getting BETTER  after my break up until I was also brutally rebuffed by an equally undeserving individual. Actually individual #2 may have been even more undeserving.. its always hard to tell in these situations... Ill give that some thought today.  At least i'm getting out of the brooklyn wannabe hood they now call the east village. If you're not Brooklyn the second worst place to be is somewhere who wants to be Brooklyn.

Thats my grumpy post for today. Spreading the love as always. Go fuck yourself and have fun. I"ll be packing my shit up and moving my skinny ass up north.


THIS IS YOUR CABIN CREW SPEAKING.. please prepare for take off!

 hhahahha i remember when I used to want be one of the dancers in this vidie... next years halloween costume? God i'm starting to love single life. :)
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