Tuesday, January 29, 2013


If you know who is famous for the title quote you'll get a gold star and an A+ for the week!!!
 I"ll give you a hint: shes way too old to be that in shape, she dumped an awesome director to rob the craddle with an endless amount of sexy dancers and her daughter needs to wax her unibrow before it grows into a caterpillar. muahahaha. Still super hot tho. OBVIOUSLY.

So ANYWAY,  recently 8 tracks has awarded me with 3 gold metals for 3 of my mixes that made it past some certain number of views. I guess that is pretty exciting. I was going to include them below but I thought that might ba a music overload for you all so I just put links to the posts the mixes were in.

I didn't know how to link you to the actual mixes... I guess I have a lot to learn about this blogging biz.

Anyway, enjoy January's mix!!!! its been A WHILE since i made one.. je vous empris! but i think this one is pretty good. maybe. kinda. possibly....

Secondly, I have realized that since I curse too much in this stupid blog I have no opportunities to make any money from online ads which pisses the shit out of me. I also had kindof a bad night because an evil heterosexual male said some nasty things to me (I don't thnk he was brought up with proper manners) I'm not that upset it just often amazes me how some people can be so ridiculously clueless. And I don't mean that as a compliment ala Cher and D.

In any case, I was thinking about that old Calvin and Hobbes cartoon where Calvin is all pissy and somehow makes suzie pissed too and the caption goes "nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around" which unfortunately for me is shamefully true. so I did a little research on why this might be:

- i ended up visiting a lot of shitty self improvement sites none of which actually scientifically proved anything (obviously.. when are self help sites scientific?)


i found this article that discussed a study proving that an unhealthy behavior or a bad mood can affect a friend up to 10% and can then affect a friend of that friend up to 6%.. so really I could be affecting binge drinking, obesity and generally shittiness on individuals i've never even met!!!! That's fucking crazy! and kinda makes me feel halfway guilty for the obesity problem in America.


but i still couldn't figure out why making people pissy when i was in a bad mood made me feel better.. Am i just a total bitch? or like evil or something? Perhaps I don't care enough about the other ppl I need to share this planet w. god DAMMIT! ugh that thought sucks so much it deserves a picture of kate to balance it out..

well imagine my delight when I read the following three possibilities: Next time I see you i'll be in fucking bellevue.

  • one article mentioned that ppl who feel out of control of their own lives like to make other ppl suffer so they do feel in control... that sounds like I need serious therapy.. I can't afford anymore! 
  • Another article mentioned I could have some sort of serious mental issue where I am a narcissist that lacks adequate empathy to get along well with others. I don't know how scientifically accurate that was... I think I play well with others fine assuming they are worth playing with!
  • Then there was one that blamed a lack of empathy on child rearing skills or lack there of. basically it suggested I was left alone as a child too much and never developed certain coping skills or some shit... i'm sure my mother would DIE over that one.. i'd never hear the end of it!!! she already constantly tells me she has failed with me. hahahaha lovely home life.

    Ugh, anyway, I couldn't find anything except the advice to quarantine yourself to avoid spreading a bad mood- but I couldn't find anything on why spreading a bad mood actually makes you feel GOOD... which annoyed me!  I'm glad no one is around for me to spread my annoyance to. :)

    Sorry this post wasn't super uplifting.. Here is something that might cheer you.. I haven't made a mix in such a long time! I'm going to forget about all the lack of empathy nonsense.. What the fuck is the point.. I think I've already done enough damage.. no use creating more wrinkles worrying about the past/inevitable future.

    enjoy the rest of this crappy month....and don't forget that bad moods are as contagious as the flu. hahahah!!!

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