Friday, February 1, 2013

Eliz Falls In LOVE again: KASKADE

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directions on how to fall in love:

1. press play button below
2. turn up speakers + bass
3. listen
4. don't suck

So, I had a long ass drive today and fell in love with Kaskade for the 1 millionth time during the trip. I wish I got to go to the freaks of nature tour. tickets tickets tickets. BOOOO. I feel like a little kid when I listen to his music. Totally emo and excited like the first time a boy said "i love you".

I remember the first time I heard Be still my soul. I could not keep my cool over a boy who lived in Seattle whom i loved to death but had recently broken my heart agaaaaaain for reasons unknown.. I never remember details bc i've perfected the art of blocking out unhappy love stories.. but I do remember that it involved his affections for this insanely hot blonde from USC who he wanted to date on the side.. and blonde girls are the ONLY ones who really get me worked up when I am asked/unwillingly have to share affections with them.  (hahah side note: sadly I went along w/ it but not sadly simultaneously began dating some best sex of my life...) ANYWAY, ugh, "be still" and "sweet love" like no joke were on repeat in my room for like months to keep me alive.. I'm sure my roommates wanted to kill me.

sorry there is a lot of talk abt boys lately. but being a little boy crazy doesn't hurt anyone.

What makes kaskade even more lovable is that he snowboards, is married w/ three little girls and doesn't do drugs or drink. one day i'll be lucky enough to be married to such a talented hottie.

Recent NYTimes article abt him here: which actually includes an "interview" (er at least some shit said) by one of my old friends Ivy. Knowing her she was prob high off her ass and acting like a retard.. they mentioned she was wearing a tutu and her friend was dressed like minnie mouse or something.. (le sigh)

SO IN CASE YOU'RE NOT BORED ABOUT HEARING abt him:  recently (like yesterday/today) put out a lyric vidie for ANGEL ON MY SHOULDER which features scenes from NYC and since I just left it made me feel happy to watch it.

 Plus i've quoted this song a million times since having an angel's intentions while acting impulsively like a little devil seems to a be a personality trait I can't shake.

LASTLY, the boy I left in NYC has some kaskade lyrics I drunkenly wrote out for him taped to his fridge... so thinking about it makes me feel like i have a 7th grade crush again. Altho i'm not sure if the crush is on him, Kaskade or myself. hahaahahahaa

Here's a vidie on how KASKADE started his career. etc.

FIRE AND ICE is up for a nomination for best dance album of 2013.. not like it matters but i hope he wins bc i always want everyone i love to be happy. (bc i'm SOOOOOO nice)  hahaha

and the story that goes w/ "be Still"

Story of a seahorse carved in ice: 

"The delight it brings to all who see it surpasses every one's expectations. It rests on the terrace over the sea, and in a sense this seahorse plays host to all the sunset cocktail parties and nighttime soirees that take place there."

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