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Thursday, May 9, 2013

7 Things You Should Already Know By Now

First listen to this mix: It'll automatically make you calm and happy like a little clam. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.


1. What’s important today won’t matter tomorrow

Yeah, so you got a problem. Sleep on it, sunshine. Put it off. Most problems can be safely ignored. You’ll be amazed how often they sort themselves out. And the gravity of any given problem is inversely proportional to the hour of the day. At three in the morning,  you’ve got an insurmountable issue. After four whisky and cokes at nine in the evening, you haven’t even got an inkling of a problem.

2. Everybody else is furiously improvising, so you can too

Show me an expert and I’ll show you a charlatan. FAKE IT ‘TIL YOU MAKE IT and assume that basically everyone you talk to is faking something abt themselves.. I'm more than capable of faking it. HAHAHAHAHA

3. Nobody thinks about you as much as you think about you

Really. They don’t. For example, I’m not thinking about you now But I'm sure you are. (obviously....)

4. It’s OK to piss people off (yes!)

but not everyone or else you are a fucking asshole. yea, i need to work on that. 

5. Aspiration is for suckers

I guess just be happy w what you have everyday?? This sounds a little Suzie Home-Maker

6. Nobody tells all the truth, all the time

I think its like physically impossible or something.. So just lower your expectations of people. When put in a spot, people fib.. like 95% of the time. just don't let them know you are onto them.. that gets messy

7. Life doesn’t get better – only your perception of life improves

okay word on this one but I think i'm gonna have to think a bit more about it to really comprehend how to improve my perception of things... DUDE, NO JUDGING. shit gets hard.. 

8. You’re wrong as often as you’re right

so don't get all on your high horse when something goes your way bc something is probably abt to go wrong for you in 3...2...1... God, I love that theory.

Je Vous empris. 

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