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and thanks for all the comments abt how this website is awesome. merci merci. hahahaha but no thank yous to ppl who never fill out my surveys: you suck. also. i'm always hella interested to know who reads this crap so if you ever want to like tell me who the hell you are. or where you live or wtf you read this for... feel free. i know i'm cool and smart. but i'm amazed anyone gets anything out of reading this besides feeling more sane themselves. 

k. i don't have a lot to say today. but i feel like this blog is really like dying a slow death like working in a cubicle.. i mean, i guess it is but i'm going to attempt to resuscitate it.

let's start with the princess for a good omen:

and here's my daily rant:

i just read some story on dlisted abt a divorce where the divorcee wants hella child support bc their 14 yro child is getting bullied at their expensive private school bc the other kids are richer than her and are going on expensive vacas and buy whatever the fuck they want while their child prob only shops at coach and jcrew not intermix and ysl. omg SOB STORY. bitch is getting picked up in an e-class not escorted by the butler in the family maybach.

shut up. where do these ppl come from? 1st of all anyone who talks abt bulling like they are some fucking saint on a mission to better the world needs to go suck a fucking rancid dick. bulling is something called: what happens in fucking middle school, high school, elementary school AND  life. when human beings get together they usually fucking create some sort of a system where one or more of them infers superiority DEAL. maybe kids are killing themselves over it bc they are on a bunch of antidepressants whose side effect are, amontg others: "may commit suicide"

i guess its hard out there for rich kids. but i guess i can't really hate. i mean, it the words of Cher Horwitz "the wounds of adolescence can take years to heal." but fuck. i got thru it. and so did the ppl i "bullied" and so did the ppl who were bitches to me. its the circle of life. watch romy and michelle's highschool reunion. heheheheh. besides its lessons in bullying its obvi fucking awesome.

Can Anna Wintour stop being such a cunt? Kate Winslet is on the over of this months Vogue and Matthew McConnahay (sp?) is one of the mentioned articles inside? FUCK THAT. where are the models? What abt this seasons fashions? I don't give a shit abt fucking actors anymore. UGHHH.

this is what Paris Vogue Nov issue has to look forward to:

and heres what weve been missing: 

from a NYT article in 1999. 

Only five years ago, RuPaul's pop paeon ''Supermodel'' was at the top of the charts and the singer George Michael's videos featured famous models lip-synching the lyrics to his music as they crawled across concrete floors. The elite clique known as supermodels -- a rambunctious, publicity-happy group of five or six women that comprised Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Claudia Schiffer and, depending on your mood, Kate Moss -- stared out from the cover of every women's magazine.

As Anna Wintour, the editor in chief of Vogue magazine, puts it: ''They were celebrities. The paparazzi were chasing them. Everyone cared what they were having for breakfast and who they were having affairs with.''

What happened to the models? One theory is that the great success of In Style magazine, Time Inc.'s recent celebrity-laden entry into the women's magazine field, has inspired mimics. Another is that the fashion to shoot models as gaunt, depressed and unglamorous waifs in the early 1990's denuded them of all personality. Michael Gross, the author of ''Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women'' (Morrow, 1995), said that magazines ''need a personality on the cover.'' He added: ''And when models lost their personalities and Hollywood created this bumper crop of ingenues, the models lost the covers. And the models are angry.''

Apart from the models and their managers, of course, not many people are shedding tears for their lost visibility.
''The term 'supermodel' is a press-induced word,'' Linda Evangelista said through a spokeswoman. ''We have never called ourselves supermodels.'' She added, ''I feel the readers are more intelligent and appreciate beauty no matter what the females' traditional career may be.'' She noted that if models are not appearing on American covers, they can still be found on the majority of European and Asian magazine covers. (Ms. Evangelista appeared on the January covers of German and British Vogue.)

Since January 1998, the monthly Vogue has featured celebrities, not models, on eight covers. And Ms. Evangelista? She's starring in a Visa commercial in which she laments, ''I have no identity.''For her part, Ms. Evangelista blames the press for the label ''supermodel'' in the first place.

K THAT WAS PROB BORING. if you don't love vogue and models and aren't pissed by this months cover w kate winslet on it and last months cover with fucking sandra bullock (THE FUCK?!?) heres something else weird: i've been learning more than i wanted to know abt 2pac.

so THUG LIFE means "the hate you give little infants fucks eveyone" WEIRD RIGHT? I have so much more to say abt 2pac but ill leave it for another post. OXOXOX. 

yum. hes still YUM tho. 

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