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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pros and Cons to Office Life: Why Do We Do This To Ourselves?

You definitely need to be having a dance party and think of me while you do while you read this:

Lately I have been having an extremely hard time concentrating at work, caring about work, wanting to be at work, waking up in the morning to go to work,  getting dressed  in work attire, sitting in my cubicle, writing any work related emails, talking to colleagues, giving a shit about anything work related, really. I won’t bore you with where I work or what I do but I will tell you that every time I get home I basically want to shoot myself in the head. The feeling returns around 7am when my alarm goes off.
Seriously, do any of these people  in these office stock photos look happy in anyway? NO, SERIOUSLY. 
This is why I did a pro and con’s list about working in an office/ in my case a cubicle.
  1.         It sucks your soul out slowly- sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly
  2.         There is no inspiration to be had while working in a grey cubicle that was probably designed in 1973. Or maybe early 90s with a throwback to the unmentionable mid-70s
  3.         the other people may (or may not be) but probably are super boring and will put you to sleep by saying hi to you if you haven’t had 7 shots of caffeine
  4.        the “fashion” styles that are seen on the inside of a Boston based office environment is not a sight for sore eyes.
  5. Paying for lunch drains your bank account and bringing you lunch is a fucking nightmare

  1.      . unlimited access to the internet while you look like you are busy at work
  2.         learn new stuff (occasionally)
  3.        money?
  4.         Money?

Now I know how a workin girl feels. I mean, I’m not selling my body but I definitely feel like I’m selling my soul. I don’t know if anyone else feels like this but it is a fucking miserable state to be in. 

There’s no real take home here. I mean, maybe I should buy a puppy or help homeless people. That’s it I should help some one who is worse off than me. I mean, I know I’m spending my last money to get a 30 day yoga subscription today (which is bad.. but also not so bad) WWKD? WHAT the fuck WOULD KATE DO?
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