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Monday, June 13, 2016

Current Obsession with Tropical House

I've been listening to Thomas Jack, an Australian DJ who specializes in Tropical House for a while now. What is Tropical House? Well:
Tropical house is to dance music what The Beach Boys’ “Kokomo” is to rock music. Characterized by loping tempos, cheery sheen, and an infatuation with saxophone solos, the genre was only coined in 2014, but has since stacked up gargantuan numbers on streaming services, launched the careers of Kygo and Thomas Jack, and has even manifested a strong influence in pop music, as evidenced by the Caribbean pluckings and liberal use of pan flute on Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?”
But what I can decipher about Thomas Jack is that he is a bit of an egotistical prick with no real appreciation for his success. That or he's just too cool for anything.

In fact, a Noisey Music for Vice article headline reads:


Read this and hate him even more:
“Tropical house was two years ago, y’know?” says Jack, animated as always, in between tequila cocktails in downtown Los Angeles. “Then a lot people started copying off it and started changing the style of it. People would go grabbing, like, 90s pop songs and putting fuckin’ flutes over them,” he says, before dropping the definitive blow: “It became so annoying that I’m over it and I don’t even wanna do it anymore.”
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That being said he has these great collaborations every week and this one's guest was Robin Schulz, another of my favorite DJs. Here is their collaboration. I have to admit. it's pretty sick.

1. Invincible – Di-Rect
2. Dangerous – David Guetta ( Robin Schulz Rmx )
3. Down The River – Felxprod
4. What I Might Do - Mandeh & GuitK
5. With You - Embody ft. Barnaby
6. West Coast – Lana Del Rey
7. Interstellar – Kiso feat Neven
8. Four By Four – Robb
9. Something New – Axing ( Robin Schulz Remix )
10. Headlights – Robin Schulz feat Ilsey Juber
11. Klanga – Gostan
12. Chandelier - Sia
13. Save Me – Listenbee
14. The Last One Standing – Tep No
15. They Don ́t Know - Disciples
16. Sun Goes Down – Robin Schulz feat Jasmine Thompson
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