Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sorry it's been a while y'all!!

p.s. happy bday yesterday to one of my very best friends in the whole world!!!! ERICA WHITNEY FRAIZER-YOUNG!!! of Cleveland, OH!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fashion Babylon and some music for Thursday

Love a tell all!! So here's my latest must read, although it came out years ago:

And here is a review/synapse of the book: 
What is fashion? What is fashionable? Who decides what is in? What is out? Why is it green one year, and blue the next? Why is one little black dress worth three thousand pounds and another thirty quid? Is the catwalk that catty? Is everyone high on drugs and full of champagne? What makes a supermodel so super? And a designer too hot to touch? Who is making the money? Who owns who? Who hates who? And who's in each other's pocket? Following in the glamourous footsteps of Hotel Babylon and Air Babylon, Fashion Babylon will get under the well-cut skin of the fashion industry. Using a world renowned source, Fashion Babylon will take you through six months in a designer's life. Starting at the end of one catwalk show, it will explain how a collection is put together - from the rail of found objects, to how it gets on to the catwalk, into the shops and onto the covers of a magazine. It will tell you who goes to the shows, where they sit and whose backside one needs to kiss to get there. It will introduce you to a host of places and characters, it will take you into a world where women get paid tens of thousands for getting dressed in the morning and where a wrong shirt length can cost you your career. Witty, naughty and full of gripping detail Fashion Babylon will explain the mark -ups, talk you through fashion's two seasons and discuss the money and commerce behind one of the most international, lucrative and secretive of businesses. With something for the simple follower of fashion as well as the hardcore fashionista, Fashion Babylon will change the way you sashay into Top Shop, flick through the pages of Vogue and enter the portals of Harvey Nichols forever.

Any here is the day's mixx. 

love eliz

Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday, May 5th, 2012 = big fun!

I'm starting today's post with a really f.ed up video I saw yesterday.

My first reaction was fear for the baby and excitement at seeing a cute lion so excited... but upon further consideration I've decided this vid isn't funny or cute. That poor pussy is obviously starving and it  is animal cruelty to have delish food dangled right in front of it (that baby looks like it's mostly fat.. perhaps our equivalent of a chocolate truffle.. I dunno that was the first thing that came to mind ....YUM! I want chocolate). The poor kitty should get extra pity points since everyone seems to be laughing at a grown lion mistaking a baby lard ball for a delicious treat especially considering the lions current circumstances: being stuck in a shitty zoo.  I know I'd be pissed if that lion were me.. it's like watching the food network when you're starving.. worse, actually. Also, who leaves a baby on the floor at the zoo? I'd like to see what the ppl on the other side of this video cam look like. Last thing: how tf is that baby so clueless?.. I mean I know its an infant and i'm not really up on human behavior for any child under the age of like.. 5? but DAMN.. helluh?!? Baby! There is a big ass carnivore like basically on you that is trying to make you into meow mix. Whatever.. onto more music. enjoy y'all!!

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