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Moi, le author extroidinaire


This blog was started in the days of yore as a way to communicate w/ one of my best friends (see below) living in Cleveland. Result: a semi miserable failure and was abandoned after a total of two posts. Telecommunication (read: THE PHONE) is  easier than nerdy cyber communication.. I guess i'm just more of a traditionalist. HA. More importantly, it is dangerous to have your shiz on the Internet. Who knows when some ho will try to blackmail you when you become rich and famous!

Anyway, after some mild-to-severe personal drama (private.. ahem) which lead to a few positive but dramatic life changes; one of us (spoiler alert: not me) was left without access to any music, a horrid fate for any soul. My mission was clear. Necessity had called. Music is pretty much the only thing I can count on to straighten my head on and get me through the world with minimal scars and I would never want a friend to suffer w/o it. Finale: I wiped the cobwebs off this badboy blog and transformed it into a fun sparkeling little music forum. Voila! 


I enjoy running my mouth and have pretty strong opinions. I’m a sheepish attention whore with lots of practice sp i'm pretty skilled there.. which is why I am writing about me for pretty much no reason. Oh: Music....

What I lack in empathy I make up in enthusiasm! HA! This is getting way too deep It's not like these daily mixes are going to be life changing.  but yea. cool. fin.

a little bit of INSPIRATION

According to something I read on the Internet (clearly 100% accurate) the woman in charge: editor -in-chief of American Vogue she has 3 main commandment to maintain the standard of her magazine:

#1 – aim high. very high
#2 – have fun
#3 – keep your finger on the pulse and KEEP YOUR INFLUENCE BY EXERCISING IT.

The whole having fun part is kinda bullshit but whatever.. I thought it was kinda cool to attempt to abide by Ms. Wintour's approach to ruling the world. Music is a way I can exercise my influence on others.. since It influences me and fucking basically saved my life on multiple occasions. Enjoy!

And More Inspiration from my idol:

  • “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”― Kate Moss
  • “Never complain. Never explain.”― Kate Moss

enjoy the blog... after alll....

.....These are the days of our lives......

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