Wednesday, January 30, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Jan 2013 is cursed


there is no doubt in my mind that January is cursed. an unbearable amount of shitty things have happened to all me and all of my friends.. so much bullnany I don't even want to list it all in case I actually remember even half of it and am scarred for life.

A few of them involve loss of electricity, eviction, break ups, break downs, identity crisis, loss of friends, loss of boyfriends, loss of fuck buddies, loss of dignity, heartbreak, legit illness and a TOTAL abnormal number of deaths.. no specifics OF COURSE but just to give you an idea what were dealing with here. This month better not run into the next month.. and then the season.. and then the entire year.. I'm sure I'll be dead by August.. which might be a blessing since Aug is my birthday.

So trying to be a bit optimistic... Last night I got to hang out w/ a fashionable gay man wearing Louboutin's and one of my favorite party girls so between the two of them I was able to escape the rest of the drama filled shit show that was supposed to be my "farewell dinner." Yes, moving out of NYC for a temporary hiatus can be added to the list of horrors that is occurring in January 2013. I need a new fucking wardrobe ASAP not to mention some jewelery that wasn't gifted to me by a cheating asshole or I might kill myself. At least I'm skinny as a rail w/ all this stress and drama running thru my blood daily.

I swear the only thing keeping me alive once again is house music. Sorry for those of you that are haters but dancing in a club is the only thing that is getting my mind off the daily pile of animal feces my life is slowly becoming. Honestly for a while there my life was getting BETTER  after my break up until I was also brutally rebuffed by an equally undeserving individual. Actually individual #2 may have been even more undeserving.. its always hard to tell in these situations... Ill give that some thought today.  At least i'm getting out of the brooklyn wannabe hood they now call the east village. If you're not Brooklyn the second worst place to be is somewhere who wants to be Brooklyn.

Thats my grumpy post for today. Spreading the love as always. Go fuck yourself and have fun. I"ll be packing my shit up and moving my skinny ass up north.


THIS IS YOUR CABIN CREW SPEAKING.. please prepare for take off!

 hhahahha i remember when I used to want be one of the dancers in this vidie... next years halloween costume? God i'm starting to love single life. :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


If you know who is famous for the title quote you'll get a gold star and an A+ for the week!!!
 I"ll give you a hint: shes way too old to be that in shape, she dumped an awesome director to rob the craddle with an endless amount of sexy dancers and her daughter needs to wax her unibrow before it grows into a caterpillar. muahahaha. Still super hot tho. OBVIOUSLY.

So ANYWAY,  recently 8 tracks has awarded me with 3 gold metals for 3 of my mixes that made it past some certain number of views. I guess that is pretty exciting. I was going to include them below but I thought that might ba a music overload for you all so I just put links to the posts the mixes were in.

I didn't know how to link you to the actual mixes... I guess I have a lot to learn about this blogging biz.

Anyway, enjoy January's mix!!!! its been A WHILE since i made one.. je vous empris! but i think this one is pretty good. maybe. kinda. possibly....

Secondly, I have realized that since I curse too much in this stupid blog I have no opportunities to make any money from online ads which pisses the shit out of me. I also had kindof a bad night because an evil heterosexual male said some nasty things to me (I don't thnk he was brought up with proper manners) I'm not that upset it just often amazes me how some people can be so ridiculously clueless. And I don't mean that as a compliment ala Cher and D.

In any case, I was thinking about that old Calvin and Hobbes cartoon where Calvin is all pissy and somehow makes suzie pissed too and the caption goes "nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around" which unfortunately for me is shamefully true. so I did a little research on why this might be:

- i ended up visiting a lot of shitty self improvement sites none of which actually scientifically proved anything (obviously.. when are self help sites scientific?)


i found this article that discussed a study proving that an unhealthy behavior or a bad mood can affect a friend up to 10% and can then affect a friend of that friend up to 6%.. so really I could be affecting binge drinking, obesity and generally shittiness on individuals i've never even met!!!! That's fucking crazy! and kinda makes me feel halfway guilty for the obesity problem in America.


but i still couldn't figure out why making people pissy when i was in a bad mood made me feel better.. Am i just a total bitch? or like evil or something? Perhaps I don't care enough about the other ppl I need to share this planet w. god DAMMIT! ugh that thought sucks so much it deserves a picture of kate to balance it out..

well imagine my delight when I read the following three possibilities: Next time I see you i'll be in fucking bellevue.

  • one article mentioned that ppl who feel out of control of their own lives like to make other ppl suffer so they do feel in control... that sounds like I need serious therapy.. I can't afford anymore! 
  • Another article mentioned I could have some sort of serious mental issue where I am a narcissist that lacks adequate empathy to get along well with others. I don't know how scientifically accurate that was... I think I play well with others fine assuming they are worth playing with!
  • Then there was one that blamed a lack of empathy on child rearing skills or lack there of. basically it suggested I was left alone as a child too much and never developed certain coping skills or some shit... i'm sure my mother would DIE over that one.. i'd never hear the end of it!!! she already constantly tells me she has failed with me. hahahaha lovely home life.

    Ugh, anyway, I couldn't find anything except the advice to quarantine yourself to avoid spreading a bad mood- but I couldn't find anything on why spreading a bad mood actually makes you feel GOOD... which annoyed me!  I'm glad no one is around for me to spread my annoyance to. :)

    Sorry this post wasn't super uplifting.. Here is something that might cheer you.. I haven't made a mix in such a long time! I'm going to forget about all the lack of empathy nonsense.. What the fuck is the point.. I think I've already done enough damage.. no use creating more wrinkles worrying about the past/inevitable future.

    enjoy the rest of this crappy month....and don't forget that bad moods are as contagious as the flu. hahahah!!!


    Tuesday, January 22, 2013



    Here is todays song (and my new personal theme song) because my ex is still an evil asshole:

    LEARN THIS NOW and you'll be so much more interesting: 

    Okay so before SAMO was around, before I was even thought of, and I think even before like Watergate, there were taggers emerging in NYC.. The Graffiti scene moved from Philly to NYC in the early 70s and the big "bombers" were called TAKI 183 (see right) and TRACY 168. TAKI was one of the most influential writers in its history. His "tag" was short for Demetraki, a Greek alternative for his birth-name Demetrius, and the number 183 came from his address on 183rd Street. They basically just wrote their names everywhere: even got in the New York Times. 

    Then stuff got fun and ppl started bombing subways so the trains would take their tags throughout the city.. God, its so beautiful. Imagine having this train pull up at the station for your daily commute. The bubble letters mainly started gaining popularity in the BRX and the style soon was expanded on to create the "wild style"
    Unlike today these taggers started gaining so notoriety and the following are a few who are credited with some of the first real gorgeous pieces. 

     This is PHASE 2:

    In late 1972 that Phase 2 first used an early version of the "bubble letter" or "softie", a style of graffiti writing which would become extremely influential and is considered a "giant leap" in the art form. The marshmallow-like letters drawn by Phase 2 were soon copied by other artists who added their own variations. Phase himself quickly embellished on his original form, creating and naming dozens of varieties of softies such as "phasemagorical phantastic" (bubble letters with stars), "bubble cloud", and "bubble drip." He is also credited with pioneering the use of arrows in graf writing around this same time.

    Futura 2000: He started with the others in the 70's on the subway cars but in the 80's he kinda went more mainstream w/ Keith Harring etc. and eventually did some back drops for the Clash. He got pretty close w/ the band and created the sleeve for "this is radio clash" RAD.  and is now a successful Gallery artist

     Blade: Some call him the master bc his style kept changing. He started in the 70's and was part of the Crazy 5- a group of artists that were super popular.  I don't know a lot abt him but I think his work is pretty. awwwww.

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaand finally.....

    Lady Pink: 

    Lady Pink studied at the High School of Art & Design in Manhattan. and began writing at age fifteen. She painted subway trains from the years 1979-1985 and In 1980, she was included in the landmark New York show “GAS: Graffiti Art Success” at Fashion Moda, which traveled in a modified form downtown to The New Museum of Contemporary Art. She was one of the only Female Artists so she clearly rocks. 

    Then Gov Lindsay decided (white) ppl were getting freaked out by the subculture graffiti was coming from and officially declared a "war on graffiti." There always has to be a a fucking war on something in America.   PLUS The crack epidemic was starting to take effect (or more like happened overnight)  and the streets were filled w/ crazy ass crack heads and became more dangerous.  The penalties were also pretty harsh for getting caught painting.. especially w crackheads around. OMG ghetto NYC crack heads in the 80s must have been fucking scary as shit. I mean, they still are but like I don't come into contact w them much.

    So all the pretty subway cars that had the art on them were scrapped.. man, how cool would it be if some one had one somewhere. I bet it would be worth hella. 

    By the 80's the graffiti scene had kinda moved downt ot he LES and ppl were taking it more seriously by offering some of the artists shows in galleries etc. That's when Keith Harring and SAMO got lucky enough to have the ability to legally show their work in studio spaces and Andy Warhol started getting all up on their shit.. 

    So obvi I don't know that much but I am sick of ppl of obsessing over Basquiat. So just know there was way more that happened before he made millions, played at the Mudd Club and ODed on Heroin. Life is harsh. 

    Tuesday, January 8, 2013

    FIRST 2013 POST ON: Why So Much Crazy Relationship Shiz Seems to be Going Down in 2013.

    OKAY, so I'm not disclosing any details but two of my close friends are having totally unnecessary relationship drama/heartbreak. I mean, both of those things are always unnecessary to the completely loving and respectable, deserving friends I try to keep around.. who always take the moral high ground and NEVER deserve anything but the best. (hehehehehe).. but seriously.

     I mean there have only been 8 days in 2013 and already shit is hitting the metaphorical 80's window fan my dad put in every room during the summer bc he thought AC was too expensive... RAD - (anecdote.. one my friend threw her peanut butter and jelly sandwich into the window fan one summer to see what it happen.. it shredded into a million pieces and came spitting out into out unsuspecting faces. FOUL)

    Anyway, Since i'm already pretty heartbroken I guess i got mine early.. but the horrid aftermath of this dismal break up is leaving me w/ minimal sex drive. so I'm being affected by this, "Early January 2013 Love curse." as well.. DUH DUH DUHHHHH.  cue: music. HAHAHAH

    Voodoo Lady - Ween by tracks_arte

    No wait..., I can't say curse or i'll end up actually freaking myself out for no need.. thinking some crazy southern voodoo shit could actual help my case.

    Ugh, life is so confusing sometimes.. I mean, some of those southern voodoo stories must be real. gOD, IMAGINE... there is nothing scarier than old black women w/ dreads and necklaces made of bones, who speak in a different language, prob come out of the bushes to attack your blonde ass and can fuck you over w/ a curse by cutting off the head of a rooster. and wave some magical stick over your head.....or something like that.

     basically bc i deserve it bc said voodoo lady has been oppressed since the days of her birth.... I saw this movie once that scared the shit out of me. 
    Here is a little flow chart I found that could potentially stop.. anymore angelical girls to get their heart broken. 

    SO, LUST, TRUE LOVE OR BEST FRIENDS?.. I guess we all need to figure out that shit before the potentially evil males do. Those choices seem kinda boring.. of course there is INDIGESTION or UNHEALTHY OBSESSION. hahaha.

    Anyway, good luck!! everyone. Let me know if any of your friends/you are having similar negative experiences re: love in 2013.

    And PS fill out the daily lunch poll!!!! There are only 3 days left and a measly three ppl hvae responded. le tear. 


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